Nostalgic - Fade to Grey (instrumental)
Track #12 from : niteforms - (2010)

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This track is a nostalgic edit.

ID: 28.12 [301]

niteforms - (2010) Credits:
Track #01 ©1983 Factory Communications Ltd. Written by New Order.
Track #02 ©1979 Sony Music Entertainment Inc. Written by Allee Willis.
Track #03 ©1988 Giant Records, Inc. Written by New Order.
Track #04 ©1978 GTO Records Ltd. Written by Scott Engel.
Track #05 Written by M. Kishibe.
Track #06 Traditional Russian Folk song.
Track #09 Written by Shelton Brooks.
Track #10 Written by Unknown.
Track #11 ©1966 Portable Music, c/o BMG Platinum. Written by Bobby Hebb.
Track #12 ©1980 Polydor Inc. Written by B. Currie, C. Payne, M. Ure.

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